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Pain Management: Should You Choose Compounded Medication?

Chronic pain management can be a complicated matter due to multiple reasons. In general, there are some subtle but significant neurological differences in individual pain perceptions. Also, there are pre-existing medical conditions which can contraindicate the use of some forms of analgesics. In addition, drug interactions can be a problem for people who must use other drugs in addition to painkillers.

If you have been experiencing difficulties with managing your chronic pain due to these issues, you should think about choosing compounded medication. This option allows you to acquire medicine prepared for your personalised use to meet your individual needs. Here are the potential advantages that you can obtain through using compounded services.

Combined Pain Management 

Analgesics are normally formulated to target specific types of pain in the body such neuropathic, fascial, visceral or muscular. Some medications might be intended for one form of pain while others might be able to handle different pain. If you are suffering from various aches and you choose the latter, you might be taking medicinal compounds that you do not require. On the other hand, if you purchase a drug for each type of pain, you will end up with an array of products. When you choose medicine created through compounded services, you can have combined pain management drugs which are specially tailored for the different types of problems in your body. This choice enhances convenience, efficacy and safety.

Improved Dosage Control

Proper management of drug dosages is an important issue for people with chronic medical problems. This factor is particularly true for pain management drugs because there is a high risk of side effects and tolerance issues. When you choose generic drugs in the pharmaceutical market, you will have to use the dosage recommended universally for patients. If you have unique needs due to your body size, allergic reactions or constitution, you might not get the expected results. Compounded medications are created to meet your personal needs. Therefore, the pharmacists will provide you with effective pain management doses that have minimal risk of adverse reactions, tolerance and addiction.

Convenient Medication Format

Numerous patients have problems handling specific forms of pain management drugs. For example, some individuals cannot stand the prospect of long-term injections while others find it difficult to swallow large pills. If this is your case, compounded analgesics can help you obtain drugs which are more suited for your disposition. For example, your pharmacist can add flavour to your pills or replace injectable medicines with topical creams.