3 Ways that Compounding Pharmacies Customise Medication

The rate of growth of compounding pharmacies has increased over the last couple of years. As more drugs get decommissioned and demand for specialised treatment grows, pharmacists have made sure that everyone's medical needs are catered to through compounding pharmacies. Today, customisation of medication that is based upon a doctor's prescription can be the difference between life and death. In this regard, compounding pharmacies customise medication using different techniques, and this article highlights the important ones. [Read More]

Pain Management: Should You Choose Compounded Medication?

Chronic pain management can be a complicated matter due to multiple reasons. In general, there are some subtle but significant neurological differences in individual pain perceptions. Also, there are pre-existing medical conditions which can contraindicate the use of some forms of analgesics. In addition, drug interactions can be a problem for people who must use other drugs in addition to painkillers. If you have been experiencing difficulties with managing your chronic pain due to these issues, you should think about choosing compounded medication. [Read More]